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Brand: Canon
This compact, portable and fast flatbed scanner from Canon efficiently captures fast, accurate scans of documents and photos. Its 5EZbuttons enable one-touch operation for this scanner. Its advanced Z-lid ensures that even a bulky book can be accommodated in the device while taking a scan.This fast ..
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Brand: Epson
Clutter-free WorkplaceNot only does the compact DS-1630 occupy little desk space, its built-in AC adapter ensures you do no t have to deal with messy cables. This allows you to enjoy an orderly workplace at all times. Convenient ScanningThe DS-1630 reduces the need to manually replace documents..
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Brand: Epson
Boost efficiency and productivity with the all-purpose, high-speed Epson WorkForce DS-770 scanner. Capable of scanning a myriad of media from fragile documents to plastic cards, the DS-770 also allows scanning of thick objects such as books with its flatbed option. To top it off, the versatile scann..
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