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Brand: Impex
Impex is a brand that believes in delivering high-quality products. We offer a range of cordless trimmers that are a complete blend of functionality and style. This powerful trimmer offers you with all the features that you need to get a professionally groomed look sitting at home. It’s easy and smo..
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looms & weaves Ayurvedic Green Gram Powder (Moong Dal) 100 GMBenefits of green powder for your skin and ; body green gm is one of the best traditional skin care ingredients in ayurveda. Some of the uses of the green powder. For oily skin: for oily skin use green powder and make a paste and ..
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looms & weaves Ayurvedic Natural Red Sandalwood Powder (Raktha Chandan) - 100 gm100% Pure Lal Chandan Powder. Package Contents: 1 packet of Pure Red Sandal Wood Powder - 100 gm ( newly packed in eco friendly tin jars. Now our products' packaging of 300 + are completely plastic free)Selected..
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looms & weaves Ayurvedic Natural Wild Turmeric Powder[Curcuma Aromatica/Jangli Haldi/Kasthuri Manjal]  (100 g)100 gm (Kasthuri) Turmeric Powder in eco friendly tin pack. We now changed our product packaging from plastic jars to tin jars for environment reasonsNatural remedy for fairnes..
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looms & weaves Natural Cocoa Powder for Chocolate Facial - 100 gmCocoa powder is an unsweetened powder produced by grinding cocoa beans and pressing out the cocoa butter. It is widely used in different industries, including skin care, hair care, bath and body products, medicinal purposes, f..
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looms & weaves Pure & Natural Sandalwood Powder, 25 gmPurest form of sandalwood powder - 25 gmThe powder is completely natural and does not contain artificial flavours. No artificial colours and additives .Best for skin care and puja purposes. Traditional skin toner, makes your skin smo..
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looms & weaves Pure Arrowroot Powder for Skin Care - 100 gmArrowroot is primarily used as a thickener in cooking as well as an ingredient in baking. This thickener ability makes it a perfect substitute for flour or any other common starch in a recipe. Its Gluten free nature makes it a subst..
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looms & weaves Pure Turmeric Powder for Skin Care - 100 gmWhen you spend money to buy a HANDLOOM cloth, you are supporting a weaver and his family. - ' looms & weaves ' , a social entrepreneurial initiative, is a bold attempt to promote our rich handloom heritage across the world. More ..
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looms & weaves White Wild Turmeric Powder  (100 g)Glass Bottle Contents: 100 gm ( 50 gm x 2) White wild Turmeric Powder, Extremely rare variety and not available in the open marketThis cream colour wild turmeric is a rarely available variety and a natural remedy for all your skin problems. ..
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