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deeKart online shopping app makes the whole process of shopping simple, easy and safe. Kerala's own premium shopping app, deeKart, offers complete range of products in Electronics, Mobiles, Home appliances, Fashion apparels, Cameras, Toys & bicycles, Furniture etc. All leading brands from reputed manufacturers are available at deeKart which buyers can peruse, compare and select from the comfort of their homes. Products are delivered to doorsteps promptly and safely. deeKart is Kerala's first complete shopping app. With its corporate office at Anjarakandy town in Kannur district, deeKart has 14 warehouses in 14 districts of Kerala and has set up online dealers in all 77 Taluks of the state. 200+ persons have been appointed as promo dealers, more waiting to be added in the promotional activities including advertising campaigns. With the projected personnel strength of 1000, deeKart is all ready to become the biggest online shopping app of Kerala. deeKart's 1000+ team of taluk online dealers and promo dealers function as promoters of the company. Their duty is to increase the business volume. They are to collect data from each taluks, analyze information and plan sales strategies accordingly. They are rewarded every time company performs a sale directly or whenever a customer login to make a purchase. They have no authority to either billing or handling products. All billings of products are centralized. deeKart's taluk dealers mastermind sales campaigns by analyzing data collected from taluks and with the understanding of the choice of people from the region. All advertisement inside the taluk are planned and executed by dealers. Dealers are entrusted with the right of placing orders to the company. Promo dealers are endorsed with duties to promote deeKart app by giving maximum publicity to the app in all media, especially social networks. Wide publicity campaigns for deeKart online shopping app are being planned by experts of the trade to convey the message to the masses. A prominent celebrity is soon to be appointed as the brand ambassador of deeKart. Creative advertisement of deeKart online shopping app is soon going to be flashed on all digital, electronic and print media. For fast and safe delivery of products, deeKart has appointed DELHIVERY as the delivery partner. DELHIVERY, is now under contract to deliver any product anywhere in Kerala, within time and with utmost responsibility and punctuality. All products listed in deeKart app come with valid warranties and assurance of quality offered by manufacturers. deeKart offer a 10 day return policy to all products. All products are covered under Service policy given by respective companies and can be availed from service centers of the companies. For all queries, deeKart offer a toll free number (18005990421) to the public to contact. deeKart online shopping app is wholly owned by DEEKEY WORLD MARKETING PVT LTD, which began operating in 2019, with head office at Anjarakkandy, Kannur. Since inception, the company has expanded to a state wide online retail chain under the efficient leadership of Mr. Sugeesh, Managing Director and chief Executive Officer.




TOLL FREE – 18005990421